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Isle of Skye verses Lochcarron Golf Club

This Saturday 20th April we host Lochcarron Golf Club.
The golf club was founded in 1908 when two separate landowners allowed some ground for a few holes to be established. Apart from the war years it has operated continuously since then and has steadily been developed into its current state, maintaining a 9 hole golf course for use by members and visitors.


In December 1996 the club purchased the land on which the course lies plus additional ground for eventual expansion. This was a major step in securing the club’s long term future. It has enabled us to commence the process of upgrading our facilities.

The committee considered a comprehensive range of options including improving and extending the course and the building of a clubhouse. Although comprehensive plans were approved for an extension to enable a longer 9 hole course and eventually a full 18 hole course to be built, priorities were agreed as:- drainage improvements to the existing course, establishing a practice area and developing a clubhouse offering changing and catering facilities.

Welcome Lochcarron Golf Club


Club Championship sponors 2024

Isle of Skye Golf Club are delighted to announce their new Club Championship sponsors as Torabhaig Distillery based at Teangue on Isle of Skye. This will cover the Ladies and Gents Championship for their Anniversary 60th year event marking golf played at Sconser. The game has been played at the Sconser location since 1964 since the origins of Sconser Golf Club and several events are in place to mark the Anniversary year.

At Torabhaig, we are pleased to support the Isle of Skye Golf Club Championship in celebration of the 60th Anniversary events. With the release of our third expression of the Legacy Series, Cnoc na Moine, we continue to explore the elegant side of peat smoke in our whiskies, made at Torabhaig and shaped by Skye.

Torabhaig Distillery is the second ever licensed Single Malt Scotch Whisky distillery on the Isle of Skye. The water, the land, the climate, all play a part in the character of the whisky produced which has been captured by Torabhaig. Isle of Skye Golf Club is proud to be associated with the Skye distillery and to be part of such a local, vibrant produce. Torabhaig Distillery are producing their own distinctive character whiskies which are evolving into a distinct signature style from a flavour profile known from what they call 'Well-Tempered Peat'.

Capt Robert MacAskill said 'It is a great opportunity for the Club to be associated with Torabhaig and to be part of their 'Legacy' portfolio'. We look forward to combining with Torabhaig and thank them for their generosity'

2024 Opening Event Mixed Texas Scramble

This weekend the opening event is a texas scramble open to all members. This is a 'drawn' 2 person team event - teams are drawn at random, partners are not known until drawn. It has a 10am shotgun start, there is no need to reserve a tee-time simply go to 'Todays Golf' on Howdidido and enter before Friday 1800 hrs.

Isle of Skye Golfers finally wrapped up their winter league competition with member Andrew Long declared the 2023/24 Winter Winner
Congratulations to all those that participated in the popular event and to Club member Chris Hanley for orchestrating events.

The top 4 places are always contested closely, however chasing the winner proved to be just too much in the end with the finishing post becoming closer. In all 200 rounds of golf were played with the winter champion starting with a handicap of 9.4 and finishing on 3.9

Final Placings & Scores (accumulated points)
1st Andrew Long 421
2nd Chris Hanley 415
3rd J Finlayson 414
4th Geoff Williams 413


Sconser Golfers are now in the final week of their Winter League Competition, and well done to the hearty few that have enjoyed the winter's activity. There could be few chances this week to find a space in the weather calendar with snow scheduled at some point, this is it though, last week of competition. Last chance for Glory

Scores to date (best 10 scores stableford format)
1 Andrew Long 421
2 Chris Hanley 415
3 John Finlayson 414
4 Geoff Williams 413
5 Ray Latham 402
6 Willie Urquhart 396
7 Donald Bethune 376
8 Iain Lewis 376

2024 Memberships Available

Membership is available now, join us in this our Anniversary Year, celebrating 60 years at Sconser

Full Membership £285
Senior (aged 65 and over) £245
Country Member (permanent residence > 60 miles from Golf Club) £165
Beginner - new to golf no prev. Club or handicap £75
Beginner Year 2 £140
Student (holding a student card 25 years old or under ) £65
Youth (age under 18 not in education) £65
Junior Secondary or primary Free

email us for further info or for an online application


Club Recognises Years of Dedication, Winter League and Green keeping to the Fore

George Neill has been made an Honorary Member of the Isle of Skye Golf Club.
He has served with distinction as Captain, long-time Treasurer, committee member and most recently as the chief club steward.
Unfortunately one or two health problems have restricted his visits to Sconser of late but his presence is still felt there-particularly in and around the clubhouse.
As a steward he created a template that remains extant.In addition, whatever the nature of a repair job in or around the clubhouse whether it be big or small George was just the man to address the challenge.
A pleasant and cheery demeanour(not to mention a dapper dresser) masked a steely determination to do his very best, whatever the task.If a job was to be done it was to be done to satisfy his own very exacting high standards.
At a small and informal gathering of friends in the clubhouse recently it was my pleasure, on behalf of the committee to present George with a tastefully inscribed silver quaich-and a decent bottle of the cratur to christen it.
Congratulations George, thank you and best wishes for the future from all of us at the IOSGC.

This popular competition is now well underway and the recent spell of decently playable autumnal weather has encouraged those involved to register as many scores as possible before winter arrives.
The Stableford points scores are high because the course is necessarily shortened to allow both tees and greens to rest or receive ongoing maintenance and even transformation.
Most tee shots are now played from plastic mats in front of the proper tees and all the ‘greens’ are cut and prepared patches of short-cut fairway just shy of the proper greens.Additionally the winter cups in the holes are 6” in diameter as opposed to normal 4.25” so it’s a wee bit like holing out in a bucket!
The current leaders are Andrew Long, John Finlayson and Geoff Williams with that trio having nearly submitted their ten score minimum requirement for qualification already-with four months still to go!
The winner will be the player with the highest points total from their ten best rounds.

The golf course at Sconser has nine holes, nine greens and sixteen tees.The extra teeing grounds add a wee bit of variety by offering different angles of tee shots for both members and visitors alike.
The 4th/13th and 6th/11th tee surfaces have been giving some cause for concern to greenkeeper John Cunningham.He has already commenced a programme of winter work to strip the turf from them, level the ground, adjust angles where necessary then returf them using resources from our on-course ‘nursery’.
The advantage there is that by using our own ‘nurtured’ turf the native grasses are already acclimatised to our conditions which will help them to bed in more quickly.
In days of yore the club occasionally brought in turf from the mainland-however that could be problematic.One bad example concerned a failed attempt to extend the first green shoreside to offer more pin positions.The alien turf struggled to survive until it was eventually overpowered by the indigenous grasses.
The tee for the 4th/13th holes takes a battering as there is not an alternative tee(9/18 is the only other double-dip area) so as the picture shows it’s been stripped and extended to cope better with it’s required heavy workload.I understand that one part of the new tee layout will accommodate the 4th hole while the other part will service the 13th resulting in us now having nine holes, nine greens and seventeen tees!
The ‘new’ tee that serves holes 6 and 11 was only constructed a few years ago.That meant that the 11th hole became a useful addition to the course layout as the only par 5 on our relatively short Sconser track. Conista resident John Fenwick undertook the construction of the sturdy stonework that fronts this teeing area and it still stands there strongly and proudly today as a testament to the quality of his workmanship.
Over time some quite significant ground settlement has taken place on arguably the site for the most challenging tee shots on the whole course so again the procedure of levelling and returfing is well in hand.
There was some concern recently with the highly unusual combination of very high tides and prolonged stormy weather.This caused some drainage problems where the three streams that flow down from Glamaig and on through the golf course to the sea became blocked.
A combination of seaweed and shore rock and gravel travel may yet require significant remedial action.

John Marshall

IOSGC Invites Members, Friends and Non Members to their 2023 Boxing Day event. Thanking local businesses for their support, this years competition raises funds for Alzheimer Scotland and in particular Skye & Lochalsh

A Mixed stableford event with a shotgun start at 9:30am Entry is now open
Enter via Howdidido (Members App or website) Directly on this website under
Book Golf - Open Competitions Members £5 Min fee Non Members £10 Min fee (paid on day)

Includes Nearest Pin 14th Hole - players should donate a golf ball to prize fund pot

Secret Santa - Players should bring a prize for golf merit award and placings result
Entries close Midday on 22nd Dec Facebook updates to follow re weather and cancellation

Catering available - Rules on entry on day of competition

With thanks to Cllr John Finlayson and supporting businesses of

MOWI Scotland CSMco Accountants Portree
Relish Portree and Relish @Jans
Donald Rankin Financial Services & James MacQueen Building Contractors
Organic Sea Harvest & Isle of Skye Golf Club


In 2024 at Isle of Skye Golf Club we are replacing our 18 hole tee markers with the new idea that local businesses (or any individuals) may wish to sponsor a particular hole by having their (business) name embroidered on an individual flag. (we have 9 holes that will participate in the sponsorship). Our present advertising boards are now weathered, the agreed sponsorship term has now expired, and so we are seeking renewed hole by hole sponsorship.

We continuously seek to increase both membership numbers and visitors via our website, and social media, not to mention regular reports in the local newspaper as well as Newsletters. Our membership has again grown significantly in the past few years and we currently have close to 200 members. In addition, we are now seeing a high number of tourists return to the course with bookings on the increase.

We would like to offer you an opportunity to advertise your business (or indeed put your name or own idea as individual(s)) for the next two years. We will provide your new club flag, with your (business) name.

We are offering you the following:

An advertising hole flag exclusive to your Company on one of our greens for a once off fee of £200. This includes manufacture, and subsequent maintenance.
An invitation for four guests to enjoy a round of golf with our compliments each year for the next two years.
Social media coverage advertising your business throughout the golfing season, unless an individual.
An individual competition attributed to your (business) name

If you would like to take up this opportunity, or would like to discuss or visit the course, please contact the club. The Committee are hoping to finalise our sponsor list by the beginning of February, and have flags in place in time for the new season starting normally at the beginning of April. If you would like to chat it through or visit the course please contact me at : iofsgc@gmail.com (HEADED 'FLAG SPONSORSHIP)

In 2024 Isle of Skye Golf Club will be celebrating its 60th year (Est 1964) this is a great opportunity to be part of our 60th year

At the end of the 2 year term you will be presented with your flag as a souvenir of your generosity

Yours sincerely.

Robert MacAskill
Club Captain.


Wrapped up for Winter League at IOSGC

The annual Winter League event is well and truly underway at Sconser. Its the competition that of course lasts 5 months...........normally fixed on an end date towards the end of March 2024. For the winter golfers at Sconser the now common format of arranging tee times via Whatsapp, falling foul of the handicap adjudicator, the true reflection of players handicaps and scores on a weekly basis will hold the attention of the winter few competing for the Winter Champion title judged by their best 10 scores through the winter months.

50 cards have already been submitted from 13 competitors with some realising the reality of a more 'suitable' handicap after only a few rounds. The axe has fallen on several but not before applying themselves to some very creditable scores over half a century, sometimes more akin to Lords or Trent Bridge rather than Sconser and achieved with a bat. But that's the reality of the popular competition played on winter tees and winter greens, non-qualifiers but played with as much enthusiasm as if the R&A themselves were hosting The Open at IOSGC .

Andrew Long heads up the field courtesy of 7 rounds all played in the 40 somethings less one round of 39 points. Truly good golf at any time of the year for the 6 handicapper. Second place lies with Ray Latham who sits 50 points astern who created much discussion amongst the winter few as to whether his 53 points stood as a world record. John Finlayson makes the podium in 3rd place just ahead of Geoff Williams and the event organiser Chris Hanley on even scores.
The scores come thick and fast as does the number of counting rounds, already the flavour of submitting the first 10 scores will wet the appetite for the festive season and onwards.

The event is open to all members and worthy of a dabble whilst the weather remains kind to the competitive few.



Captains Welcome

Firstly thanks to those Members who attended the recent AGM. Those present allowed the Club to move forward and saw the new Committee in place for the way forward. Within the constitution it states that separate Sub-Committees should be formed and these are now in place. Alan MacLaine will take up the position of Greens Convener and Jacque Cumming shall continue in her contracted role as Treasurer, Jim Cumming will continue as Clubhouse Convener. My added thanks to ALL those who contributed to the roles of Club Stewards in 2023. The Clubhouse is now closed for 2023 on an official basis.

An early AGM allows the Fixtures Committee some time to consider the 2024 calendar, we are also hopeful that we shall have a Safeguarding Officer in place going forward. Scottish Golf provide training towards the post and hopefully we can be part of their schedule. No form of coaching can take place without this post.

Club V1

This is an important development in bringing the Clubs website, booking system, player scores entry, competition data, finance and the CDH database back to this platform. Visitor bookings were always an issue via the Scottish Golf system and already some visitors have booked on and paid via the Club web page. We await the new web pages to go live, although the existing site hosts a directly link to the new internet site.
Members bookings must all be made through the partner website of Howdidido. You can download the APP and register via the logon page or visit the Howdidido website via


Or via Google, search - 'Howdidido' and you shall be directed to the Login page

Please use the same email address as you have registered with the Club. Some of you may already have an account going back to Covid years where you may recall that Club V1 offered a free booking option which we were part of. Now we have a full package suitable for the Club with the package covering our total Membership numbers.
Most importantly we wait for the SG data to be migrated to the Club V1 platform.

Course and Greenkeeping

For some members October signals the end of the golfing year but for HGK John Cunningham, then these months ahead offer an opportunity for John to work on Winter projects. A full schedule will follow next month as well as an update on the Winter program. Work has already started on the 4th / 13th tee. Many thanks to John and Calum for their hard work throughout 2023 in preparing the course throughout the year. Winter rules are now in force.


There are already 12 members signed up for our ever popular winter league. Rules are the same with the best 10 stableford scores used in each members total score. Cost this year to enter is set at £30 rather than the single amount per round. Thanks to Chris who is hosting, adjudicating and managing the competition. All members are welcome to join, see Chris or contact any of the Committee to join.

2024 Club competitions will have NO entry fees, it was decided to stop charging members for an entry fee.

Members Bookings

We hope that members will book at every opportunity once registered via Club V1. Booking allows those seeking to play in competitions or seeking to play social golf, the opportunity to join others who are listed. The booking sheet also lets those Members travelling some distance the opportunity to see when the Tee times are available rather than arriving to find that the Tee is occupied, it avoids duplication. The Committee are also able to look at booking statistics, financial income, 9 holes against 18 holes and visitor data.
So please book on at every opportunity.

We shall aim to update you as things move on the IT platform and as information migrates to Club V1

Finally our thanks to John Marshall who kept the Club featured in WHFP throughput the golfing calendar in 2023.

Many Thanks

R MacAskill


Please note that we took the first steps to move across to the Club V1 system (1st November). Please bear with us whilst we build up the website, booking tables/tee times and main booking sheets.
All members can in the interim either reactivate their Howdidido accounts via the App or webpage or create a new account via their website